Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adventures in Diaper Changes

Everyday is a new adventure in motherhood, right? Today's adventure - diaper changes. I went to change Lily and put some clothes on her...yes, I know it is 1:30 and she was still in her sleep sack. And to be honest, if I didn't want to put her into her exersaucer to play, she may have remained in her pjs all day. Just like yesterday. Admit it...there are days you don't get out of your pjs/get your kids out of their pjs. Well anyway, Lily has been, um, interested in her diaper region lately. As soon as the diaper comes undone, her hands go down. I am told this is normal. I try my best to keep her hands occupied, either with a toy or her favorite, the vitamin bottle. Probably not the best thing for her to play with, and we won't even get into the fact that I am teaching her vitamins are toys, but it usually keeps her interested so I can change the diaper. Today she dropped it off the table, so I grabbed her socks that I was going to put on her for her to play with. Apparently socks are only fun to play with when they are on your feet and you pull them off to chew on. Not nearly as exciting when you are handed them. When I undid her diaper, her hands instantly went to the diaper area and straight into POOP! I wasn't expecting this poopy diaper, and admittedly didn't really check ahead of completely undoing it. She has been having one poopy diaper a day, if that, lately and since I had already changed one this morning, I wasn't anticipating it. Rookie mistake I know, but technically I am only a little more than six months into motherhood, so while I should be an old pro at diapers, I am still entitled some rookie mistakes. Not only were her hands, her favorite thing to put in her mouth, covered with poop, but when I went to wipe her hands off, she managed to get her feet, and legs, into the messy diaper. Luckily the little girl I babysit was napping, so off to the tub we went. And since she was going to get a bath this evening anyway, well now I have some extra time this evening. Lily, of course,thought this was all a great game. She seems to derive great joy and amusement out of watching mommy freak out!

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Frugal Babe said...

This cracked me up. My mother loves to remind me that I was fascinated with the contents of my diaper when I was a baby. She came in my room one day and found me sitting up in bed, with poop all over myself, my face, the sheets, the crib, everywhere. As a new mother, she was horrified, but I managed to become a somewhat normal adult :)