Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekend

I don't really have anything terribly exciting to post, but a few people have been on me to post a little more, so I thought I would give you, my adoring fans, a run down on our weekend. It was wonderfully low key! It started Friday night when Matt got back from Houston. We had a nice dinner, put Lily to bed and were in bed ourselves by 9:30. Saturday we went through a new cookbook I just bought and planned out our meals for the week. This is something we have been trying to do each week so we A) eat healthier, B) eat at home, and C) know what to buy when we go to the grocery store instead of just buying staples and trying to concoct a meal out of them. I have been totally loving doing this and I actually look forward to cooking dinner every night. And everything I have made so far has been awesome. Seriously, it is the recipes, not the cook. And I missed doing this the past two weeks while Matt was in Houston. Then I just ate whatever was around the house, and it could hardly be considered a well rounded meal! We went to the grocery store and to Marshalls. I have been wanting a dutch oven for some time, so I figured Marshalls was a good place to pick one up for half the price of a department or home store. I also needed some clothes for Lily. For the first time I actually need to buy her clothes because she needs them and not just because I want to and it is cute. I never thought this day would come considering how many clothes we received at my shower and for baby gifts. But the little chunk is growing out of everything, plus I need some more weather appropriate clothes since fall is coming! (Yippee! I heart fall!)
We borrowed my in laws' power washer and Matt got started power washing our deck, while I did some laundry (namely stripping the diapers...very exciting!) We had an awesome dinner and I got to use my new dutch oven
, I made Matt a pumpkin pie, and then were in bed again before ten.
Sunday morning, Matt made cornmeal pancakes for breakfast. I think I would like this to become a weekly tradition. Sunday morning pancakes! Matt finished power washing the deck and then I cleaned the carpets with the carpet cleaner I borrowed from my mom. Thanks Mom! We has Stanley Steamer clean the carpets last year when before we put the house on the market, and honestly, when I did it they came out just as good. That is, as good as my totally trashed carpet will ever get. But at least I feel better about Lily playing on the floor now. There are still some stains, but at least I know a lot of the dirt and grime is gone. I still have to do our bedroom and her bedroom, but I need more detergent. I was going to run to target today to get some more, but it is raining, so I think I will just stay home! I made another yummy dinner, and we watched the Bears kick the Colts butts (take that Peyton Manning!) and were off to bed.
Was it a terribly exciting weekend? Not in the least, but we got to spend time as a family and just relax and get some stuff done around the house. And honestly, it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time!


Michelle said...

I used to love cooking (by cooking I mean learning to cook!) before MJ (Maisie Jane) was born. Now it's jut too much work. I figure when she is more settled and will play on her own for longer stretches I'll start cooking again!

Kelly said...

Sometimes it is a challenge to make dinner, especially if Lily happens to be extra fussy. I either have her in her exersaucer or bouncy seat, and I explain what I am doing. I don't know that she understands, but it is kinda fun to pretend I have a cooking show!