Sunday, September 14, 2008


Lately I have been having a love/hate thing going on with my house. My house is tiny, no doubt about it. One day I love that aspect, because it is easy to clean, the utilities aren't too bad, it is cozy, and most importantly, we can afford it. The next day, I hate my house because it is small, we had outgrown it before we moved in, not to mention adding a baby! We have a total lack of storage. But then I love how creative we have been in order to accommodate our needs. When we found out we were pregnant, we turned our office/guitar room/throw-everything-that-doesn't- have-a-place-in-there room into a nursery. Our little used living room became our office/guitar room. It worked out really well. Then, as Lily has gotten bigger, and I started watching a friend's daughter a couple days a week, we realized we needed a baby play area. So we turned our never used dining room into a play room and put the table in the kitchen. We rarely ever ate anywhere besides in front of the TV. Since we moved the table, we actually eat at it most of the time now. And the play room is not only a play room for babies, but there is now ample room for Matt to play his guitar. Again, this was a positive change. So most of the time I love our house. The complete and total lack of storage means we frequently donate to Goodwill. Or give furniture to Matt's co-worker that just moved into a new house. Seriously, we have given him four pieces of furniture. But then I think how will we ever have another kid in this house. Sure, a new baby would probably spend a couple months sleeping in our room, just like Lily did. And two kids could definitely share a room. My parent's had three of us in a house smaller than mine, and we all shared a room. But where would we put more baby stuff. So when I think about expanding our family (not now, but eventually!!!) I think we should just move. Sometimes I think we should just move anyway because the house is small. And then I turn around and think how much I love our little house. And then I think about all the things I wish our house had. And then I think how we have made it work so well so far. I don't know why it causes me such worry! I guess because I am home more now, I have more time to think about it. I think I probably need to get a life!


Michelle said...

I live in a small one bedroom apartment so you can imagine what my place looks like. Actually, I have a lot of furniture and storage boxes at my mother's place.

I love living in small spaces too, but this is a little too small for us. That's why we (MJ and me) are moving into a two bedroom in a couple of months. MJ will continue to sleep in my room and I'll use the second bedroom as a play room.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how you can make it work in a small house. Dad, I and you 3 girls made it for the first 5 1/2 years of your life. Call it COZY!!! love Mom