Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Months

Well, Lily is 5 months old today. And while she hasn't really been doing anything new since my last couple posts (including sleeping better), I thought I would share some reflections on the past 5 months.
- I never would have thought that a shower was a luxury and not a given. Lily is no longer content in her bouncy seat while I grab a quick shower, so that means I get a quick shower if I am lucky enough to get her down for a nap. I love weekends when I can enjoy a nice long shower.
- I never would have thought that I would use cloth diapers, but I absolutely love, LOVE, love them! When I was pregnant and reading those pregnancy books and they talked about deciding what kind of diapers you would use, I always thought "who in their right mind would chose cloth over the convenience of disposables?" While I cannot guarantee that I am ever in my right mind, cloth totally work for us and I love them and proudly tell whoever will listen that I use cloth diapers. I think some people get annoyed?!?!
- Some days I feel like a total slacker because I no longer have a "real job" (i.e. one that brings in an income). I don't have to get dressed or even shower to go to work. Then I realize that I work 24/7. Even if we decide Matt is going to get up with Lily in the middle of the night on a weekend night, I still wake up. While I might get an occasional couple hours off, I am always on call.
- I am totally not at all fazed by the fact that I carry on babbling, goo-goo gaa-gaa conversations with my daughter in front of curious onlookers at the grocery store. Or that I ask, perhaps more loudly than necessary, if someone has stinky pants. Mostly I don't give a crap. Chances are they are looking at me remembering when they did the same thing with their kids. Or they are horrified and hope that never happens to them.
- Cooking dinner, while at times a little difficult since it is "fussy time" and enjoying dinner with my little family is one of my favorite things. I still like to go out once in a while, but since dinner time is also fussy time, it is usually more of a PITA (pain in the a...)
- To a five month old, I am the most hilarious person in the world. Mostly my sister Jackie is considered the funny one, but in the eyes of Lily, I have her beat.
- Babies, at least my baby, like to watch people type. I don't know if it is just because I am doing it, and as previously mentioned I am hilarious, or if it is the little clicking noise, but it has Lily in hysterics (well, giggling anyway!)
- I can totally just be my big, dorky self at home with Lily. She doesn't care if I have a big zit or my shirt has spit up on it. She doesn't care if I am not cool. I could learn a lot from her in that respect...
- Motherhood is totally awesome, and scary, and nothing like I thought it would be, and a million times better than I ever hoped it would be. It has also made me more confident than I have ever been in my life. Who knew?
- But I still want some sleep!

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Michelle said...

You are too funny. I agree I agree I agree... Motherhood is awesome and yes, more sleep would be very cool.