Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Adventures in Bathing

So up to this point, bathing has been a two person job...and a messy one at that. It usually consisted of one person holding the wet squirmy baby and the other frantically washing and scrubbing, trying not to get everyone soaked in the process. On our first couple attempts, we used the baby bath tub. Then we figured the sink was just easier. Last bath time, we decided to go back to the tub since she is bigger and can sorta sit in it better. I bathed, Matt was there in case of an emergency. No problems. But the bathtub was kinda weird, it didn't have a good angle for the baby to recline in comfortably. We were at Babies R Us the other day and picked up a new, simpler, better designed tub. It was like $10 and we figured if it would make bath time easier and a one man job, well all the better. So I decided to give Lily a bath today because she is going to meet her great aunt Laurie and great grandma Margie from Salt Lake tonight. I get all set up, get her in the tub, wash her hair...she is loving it...I am just getting ready to wash her body, and she poops in the tub. Okay, gross...what do I do...she hasn't ever done this before...okay once, but that time she pooped on Daddy and wasn't sitting in a tub of poop. So I pick her up and hold her over the sink and wash her up. She isn't really loving this and I am getting soaked. She is squirming all over and crying her angry cry and what does she do, poop again, in the sink. Oh geez! Well, I got the sink wiped up, finished washing her and considered the bath done. I take her into her room, put her on her changing table and start drying her off and she is smiling and loving it. I think she did it on purpose, just to liven things up! I think in the future, bath time will revert back to being a two man job!

PS - the picture isn't from today...it is from about 6 weeks ago

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Michelle Dawn said...

LOL! I didn't like using our baby tub either -it was awkward. Instead, I just take her into the tub with me. I get in first and have a little soak in the hot water, and when the water cools Paul takes her into me. We have a little tub-time and then I call Paul to come take her out. It's quite nice actually!